Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lift n' Toss

An old animation exercise - the Lift and Toss exercise is the first one we get in school that has a proper character we can animate (not a flour sack or ball and the like), and it also deals with weight - the way it is first carried and then disposed of. 

At first i came up with a mean little girl, who picks up a present which isn't hers and tosses it away. 

character rotation

first - getting ready to pick up

struggling with the lift

then the toss!
I never got to finish it since i unfortunately left at the middle of the semester.. and this is the only file i managed to find of the animation: partial and requires a lot more work, but at least the beginning is somewhat to my liking -

Then when i came back in 2010, i wanted to go for a character that would be atypical and hard for me - a big, burly man. a caveman! 
somehow they all turn out super-curvy at the end. i HAVE to tone it down with the crazy curves. but, for the character rotations, a deadline's a dealdine:

and the final animation:

Hope you enjoyed!

Now i have a fully functioning YouTube account with videos and everything! my other animation are uploaded there as well.
you're welcome to check it out here:

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