Thursday, January 3, 2013

Story Time 2.0

OK, this is a long one but bear with me please, it has a point!

A couple of years ago i posted the results of a 2nd year storyboarding assignment - here.
Our teacher, the one and only Nancy Beiman, gave us nursery rhymes to set a basic idea, based on which we were supposed to come up with an original story.

When i came back for second year again (fall 2010), we got a similar assignment, with the source material changed - the rhyme i chose to develop goes like this:

"I wanna be the leader, I wanna be the leader,
Can I be the leader? Can I?
I can? Promise? Promise?
Yippe, I'm the leader, I'm the leader!
OK what shall we do?

first we sketched up various initial ideas:
first i thought of the basics: politics, jungle, boy scouts, and lemmings...
then, going to get groceries, i thought of vegetables who compete to be selected !
the tomato is the vainest, but she doesn't know that being picked out means DEATH!

The idea we like most is developed into Beat Boards (4 major story points):

and a character line-up is made to show their proportions:

then we go on to full story boards, which were revised, finalized [characters were changed, the story became more focused and more Dante-esque :) ] - and then pitched:

Finally, the whole thing is edited together in Premier to make a Leica reel accompanied by music (turn up the volume :))

hope you enjoyed ! any comments are welcome :)

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