Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the Jolly 20's

Based on this photo of Binnie Hale and Seymour Beard from 1925, featured in Alan Jenkins' wonderful book "The Twenties" (p.14, published by Book Club Associates in 1974, London), I drew this:

Don't you just love the 20's? :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"All I say is, taluses is taluses"

So, it turns out a bit of my talus broke off from the bone itself.
My leg started hurting at the ankle whenever i walked, but i never thought a tiny bone crumb could spontaneously detach itself and take a hike on top of the bone (right under my tibia!)
So after an X-ray AND before an MRI scan (such a loud machine! they make it look so much simpler on Grey's Anatomy), I imagined this bone crumb setting out on its own, with a straw hat and a stick with one of them red handkerchiefs at its end. You know, gain independence, see the world, or at least what the tibia has to offer:

Do i smell a fourth-year film? no, it's probably just Osteoporosis.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pillows Galore!

If you know me up close, you know I have a thing for pillows (and soft, fuzzy things in general :)). And my online nickname "karit ktana" doesn't have anything to do with Japanese weaponry. In Hebrew, it means "small pillow".
For my own private pleasure, and as an inside joke of the family, i draw anthropomorphic pillows.
exhibit A: the name slate we were asked to do in year 1

but being 2D isn't enough for pillows! It does not encompass their whole potential. Thus, i started sculpting pillow figurines out of polymer clay. Here are some latest creations (stationary is placed next to it for scale):

Pillow lady and her pet piggy (yeah we have a thing with piggies too)

and going back to prehistory, their ancient ancestor - the mighty Pillosaurus:

Here displayed are mother Pillosaurus Magnus - and spirited offspring :)

fast forwarding to Victorian times, I'm delighted to present Sir Pillowingtonshireham the First:

A small birthday present for a very blond friend (with the sunny personality to match):

(The white parts are glow-in-the-dark clay, also mixed in with the yellow)

and my largest creation, the first Pillow Pilot (and female, too! check out the silvery ribbon on her pilot hat):