Monday, August 23, 2010

Working Pillows

Contrary to common belief, pillows can be career-oriented:

Dr. Ploo here was made and dedicated to Mishka, who just completed his first year of Med school!

An inspiration to future Dr. Mish, here is Dr. Ploo with his very own cabinet of med books and glow-in-the-dark medicine/poison bottles.
We agreed that each year Mishka completes, Dr. Ploo will get more accessories until he has his very own clinic and office !

More amazing, intelligent and altruistic friends! This tiny Doc is dedicated to Anna, who is now in the middle of her successful medical studies and will soon be taking off to Cambridge for a year to complete a Poli-Sci MA!!

These are her accessories: teacup for England, Globe for Poli-Sci studies, and syringe for Med school :)

Good luck, Docs!

More career options include Architecture! This one is for my dad :)

Pencil and ruler always at the ready, (glow-in-the-dark) building plans rolled and wrapped, plus hard-hat for on-site tours - pillow-safety first!

Ok, this one isn't really about a job, it's just a Brazilian pillow (or "pill√£o" in the native tongue!)
- for Mom!

Sharpener for scale, with jolly maracas

and last one, Sir Pillowingtonshireham the First - who you already know - only I noticed lately that he had actually been standing next to a British phone booth (aka tin box for tea) all this time, and it just seemed appropriate:

Toodle pip!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Here Come the Brides

Yay - more "Simchas" on my humble blog!
I've spent most of July working on wedding invitations for two of my friends, brides-to-be, who have always been awesome, and also lucky in finding their "other halves". So now we have four wonderful people, making for two amazing couples :)

This "commission adventure" was trying and exhausting, but also inspiring, fulfilling and a true learning experience. Plus, it's always fun to see satisfied clients, especially knowing them personally (and getting invited, too!).

So we start with Ela and Meir, who are getting married tomorrow (!!) -
lots of ideas had been raised, explored, tried, changed and canceled (most of which revolve around their beloved dog, Pasho):

As you can see, we went for the purple idea at the end, not forgetting Pasho, but also the happy couple itself:


... and back

The gifts for the guests in their wedding will be lovely jars of homemade jam, so I also designed the stickers for the jars, which gave Pasho another chance to get center-stage:

some suggestions^

Final sticker design

Moving on to the eternal Dana and Arbel, who, after lots of easily-rejected ideas, went for the opening card:



Back (it's a pilot thing)

See the magic trick? It's the same good old Dana and Arbel, only on this particular day they're more fantastically dressed :)

The animator in me wanted to do an entire (small) flipbook as an invitation, showing their abridged history together (they know each other from infancy!), but budget and logistics forced it out of the question. Oh well, two years ago i was commissioned to make them a comic of their life story, which is proudly hanging in their living room :)

~ Good luck to all the happy couples in their joined lives and their celebrations, spreading the love and all that jazz!! ~

here are some official photos of the happy couples -
they look gorgeous! but do they look anything like the invitations?

Ela & Meir:

Thanks for orchestrating this one, Ela!

Dana & Arbel:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

My grandmother had a birthday this month, and I love her!

She's such an interesting person to talk to, and has amazing stories. She also has amazing family photos that were lucky enough to be preserved.
Last summer I had digital copies made of them all so a) they are backed up and wont disintegrate, and b) i could carry them with me wherever i go :)

These photos are very inspiring (so more familial posts from the 20's are sure to come soon!) -and scrolling through the other day, i stopped dead when noticing a part of one of them:

This is my grandma as a baby in the early 20s in Romania, held by her beautiful mother:

I love how relaxed the brand-new mom is, and though probably sleep-deprived, she's glowing :)

here is my version of this bit (not an exact copy, just a stylized rendition):

I love you grandma! and here's to many birthdays to come!