Thursday, January 3, 2013

Woohoo! I Got Published!!

saw my previous post about the storyboarding assignment? here.
Tomato with a bad case of hoebris, right? :)

So back in late 2010, after everything was handed-in, our sotryboarding instructor Nancy Beiman took me to the side to ask me an amazing thing - would i MIND her using some of my boards in her upcoming book on storyboarding, PREPARE TO BOARD, second edition?? Gee, WOULD I ??

The edition was scheduled for release in 2012 Fall - and sure enough, in November a delivery man knocks on my door with the edition... and blows my mind!

this is seriously one of the aweosmest things that ever happened to me!!
i'd like to give a HUGE THANKS to Nancy Beiman for her invaluable guidance, teaching and this amazing opportunity.
Also, i couldn't have done it without the creative, supportive environment of wonderful classmates - you guys rock :)

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  1. Your work is excellent, Maya, and the artwork in the new edition will be a big help to future students in many schools. I hope that it is also a good portfolio piece for you!