Sunday, July 26, 2009

Character Design Assignments

My favorite subject, in which, alas we had the fewest assignments

Character Posing assignment from the first semester. This is my soldier character (no, it's not a janitor, though some days it sure felt like a fine line..)
* any connection with real people and events is purely UNcoincidental :)

The second semester was all about antropomorphic characters, and this is my lion for the "character in sequence" assignment. After submitting it i thought of some improvements, so i won't dump all 16 panels on you, just introduce the furry narcissus and a little taste of what happens to him later on :)

And the last assignment of the year - full character pack.
This one is a toddler red-panda, whose personality and attitude are based on stories i had heard of my cousin's daughter.
I haven't had a chance to meet her yet, and i hope she won't find this.. :O

I know technically the color of the animation pencil doesn't matter, but Camilla just didn't come out well if she wasn't drawn in pink

... and our last painting assignment was to build an environment for our character.
By far my favorite "painting" assignment of the year, since i didn't have to use a brush at all :P it's all wonderful Prismacolor colored pencils:

and here's another quick sketch from this summer:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Animation projects

After some technical difficulties (and health issues..) i'm finally posting some content! yay!

Ball and Tail - the last assignment of the first semester. not something i'm too proud of, but it reminds me of some crazy times at the studio :P

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our dear animation teacher in the first semester, Johnny Williamson. A caring, warm person, he always challenged us to achieve more in the discovery of the pronciples of animation. Though the year before John taught second year storyboarding, i think what Amir wrote about him in this lovely post sums it up well:

Too bad you left :( we miss you, Johnny

The famous Pink Panther walk cycle - the first assignment of the second semester. I gave up on the tail though...

"If I can teach a parrot to sing God Save the Queen..." My favorite animation project of the year - the head turn :D

The First Post Barrier

I have to get over it. so here goes!
I'm in the middle of summer vacation after finishing the first year of animation studies in Sheridan College. i figured that a first year student wouldnt have much to show on a blog, and now hindsight will allow me to be more selective about what i post.
In any case, this year was one wild ride, and it went by in a blink of an eye!

i think the best way to describe it would be that the days are long but they years are short.

I wonder what second year will have in store. On the one hand i'm having so much fun at home (finally eating some quality hummus and gelatto and pizza and...), on the other hand... wait, what was i saying?