Sunday, December 25, 2011


Had to draw something to keep my sanity:

Actually i drew this girl on a shuttle bus on my way to a screening of Louis CK's new show. Quite uniquely, Louis uploaded the 1-hour show to his website this month, for users to download/stream conveniently for only $5 !
It's a really cool concept, and the show is hilarious (my cheeks and abdomen were aching so bad!!)

Here's an outtake that was put out there to promote the thing:

I warmly recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind honest, intelligent humor (and curse words, of course)
pay the $5, you'll even be doing some good to humanity:

Saturday, December 24, 2011

one year olds

Drawings i did in the brief time between Sept-Dec 2010 when my hands were somewhat functional   :-/

China marker is fun!!

hm, wish i had a sharper image of this one...



~  Happy Holidays everyone!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Faces on things

Or: Pareidolia
I love discovering faces on inanimate objects! anthropomorphism FTW.

Well, this doesn't really have a face - i added it. and the photshopped blood. But sitting at breakfast this is what i saw, and it reminded me of a head with a helmet. i don't mean to make this political whatsoever though!

See, the tea bag is smiling at you

i think both of them are distraught cuz there's rice&lentils in their head. And the fork makes it worse.

and on the other side, emotions change :)


This is actually new! hoorah. It's a completed drawing made from a recent sketch. a first!
I hope to do more of these soon.

I liked working with a limited palette (as opposed to the non-existing palette i usually use :) and it actually kind of fit what i had in mind when making the very sketchy sketch.

  I imagined her as maybe a singer in a Cuban night club, though i didn't work with any reference. so since I had no ideas for a background, I left her floating on the scanned doodle page, looking at the other crappy doodles in puzzlement, for now.

initial sketch:

Hasta luego!