Sunday, July 26, 2009

Character Design Assignments

My favorite subject, in which, alas we had the fewest assignments

Character Posing assignment from the first semester. This is my soldier character (no, it's not a janitor, though some days it sure felt like a fine line..)
* any connection with real people and events is purely UNcoincidental :)

The second semester was all about antropomorphic characters, and this is my lion for the "character in sequence" assignment. After submitting it i thought of some improvements, so i won't dump all 16 panels on you, just introduce the furry narcissus and a little taste of what happens to him later on :)

And the last assignment of the year - full character pack.
This one is a toddler red-panda, whose personality and attitude are based on stories i had heard of my cousin's daughter.
I haven't had a chance to meet her yet, and i hope she won't find this.. :O

I know technically the color of the animation pencil doesn't matter, but Camilla just didn't come out well if she wasn't drawn in pink

... and our last painting assignment was to build an environment for our character.
By far my favorite "painting" assignment of the year, since i didn't have to use a brush at all :P it's all wonderful Prismacolor colored pencils:

and here's another quick sketch from this summer:

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  1. Great drawings, well structured with dynamic motion and appeal :)