Sunday, July 12, 2009

Animation projects

After some technical difficulties (and health issues..) i'm finally posting some content! yay!

Ball and Tail - the last assignment of the first semester. not something i'm too proud of, but it reminds me of some crazy times at the studio :P

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our dear animation teacher in the first semester, Johnny Williamson. A caring, warm person, he always challenged us to achieve more in the discovery of the pronciples of animation. Though the year before John taught second year storyboarding, i think what Amir wrote about him in this lovely post sums it up well:

Too bad you left :( we miss you, Johnny

The famous Pink Panther walk cycle - the first assignment of the second semester. I gave up on the tail though...

"If I can teach a parrot to sing God Save the Queen..." My favorite animation project of the year - the head turn :D


  1. That head turn is great! way more solid than mine was. And Johnny will always be a hero of mine :)

  2. The head turn is amazing! :)