Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cute creatures make for good Art :)

Hi everyone,

I've recently registered to TED on YouTube and get daily updates.
[For those of you not familiar with TED, it's an organization dedicated to "spreading ideas": they invite interesting people, entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, artists, etc. from all fields to talk about "ideas", tell stories, share discoveries, etc. Their talks are usually very uplifting and addictive to watch (so please open the hyperlink in a NEW tab! :)), although at the end I'm not really sure what to do with all that input. anyway, it's nice.]

The talks usually have cool or funny visual aids, but essentially it's quite serious stuff. So when i opened my update yesterday I didn't expect to find this:

My favorites HAVE to be the "PYGMIES"!! (@1:50 min.) aah i went nuts when i saw them. now i want them everywhere. it's not fair they're only displayed in galleries!
The Sunshadow (@4:15), falling man (@4:45) and Spacefiller cube (@6:50) are also wonderful!

I found that what ties them together, and also what really turned me on is this imaginative and unexpected  anthropomorphizing of objects. I just loved that she talked about creating creatures that seem to be alive, and getting an emotional response from the viewer.

I think that generally speaking, what she and her colleagues are doing, is similar to (a certain kind of) an animator's aspiration: Creating creatures with human-like behaviors using technology, to stir emotion and induce involvement from an audience.

Some may look at it and think it's weird modern art, or just plain silly, but i feel things like these, cute and engaging, help spread joy and make us a bit more human :)


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