Sunday, October 24, 2010

Story Time 1.0

Retrospective update time!

As some of you may know, i started second year of animation back in fall 2009, but shortly after had to take time off unfortunately. i got to do pretty much only one assignment per class.
It was far from ideal, but I'm back and doing it again, full throttle!

Now with that year behind me, i feel free to update whatever decent work i had done back then.
So today i'll share the final boards for the Nursery Rhyme assignment from Storyboarding class.
At the beginning of school we are assigned two nursery rhymes and start developing them into short stories with original characters. We go to full boards with one rhyme, and this is the result:

(Excerpt from original rhyme by Heinrich Hoffman):
Where is Philip, where is he?
Fairly covered up you see!
Cloth and all are lying on him;
He has pulled down all upon him.
What a terrible to-do!
Dishes, glasses, snapped in two!
Here a knife, and there a fork!
Philip, this is cruel work.
Table all so bare, and ah!
Poor Papa, and poor Mamma
Look quite cross, and wonder how
They shall have their dinner now.

Starting out with beat boards (major story points illustrated on few cards), it was a bit different, since the portrait was just in the background and not a main driving force of the story.
With thanks to helpful input from Nancy Beiman, our teacher, and some friends, a lot changed between the original and final, but that's what i like about story-telling/boarding :)

Hope you enjoyed!

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