Monday, October 25, 2010

Paintings without paint - hooray!

More retro-updates! now meshed together with recent updates.

This is the first painting assignment, where we:
1. develop an exterior layout into three different tonals
2. pick one tonal of the three and develop it into three different color versions
3. pick one color study of the three and go to a final big version with it.

Luckily for brush-o-phobic me, no actual painting had to be involved, just a traditional medium.

i went for color pencils:


... Fast-forwarding one year (during which no painting took place on my end :P), here's the 2010 version of the same assignment.
This time Mike was kind enough to let me develop each tonal into one color study, instead of picking one tonal and coloring it in three variations:

(the big shape in the left lower corner is a tree top! too bad it looks like stylized flames about to devour the poor chair, table and entire scene whole..)

Instead of going back to the comfort zone of color pencils, i tried an ink wash for the first time, to set the tones, and went over that with the pencils afterward:

I found the ink gave the scene a slightly more somber, toned-down atmosphere:

yay! ok, on to the next project...

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  1. maya.. WOW.. you put so much work into getting into the final painting... amazing stuff!!!!