Monday, December 31, 2012

Pixar-themed drawing contest

back in July i entered into a local contest to design a large poster-like drawing, and the rules were as follows:

1. Use only Pixar characters  2. Stage them inside a fairy-tale  3. In a foreign country

so this was my crack at it: Ratatouille's Colette as Snow White in the Black Forest, Germany.
Skinner is holding a poisoned apfelstrudel...

though i didn't win anything, it was nice just to be working on a big project

i always like it better before the coloring begins..

After that was done i began a long work on my dear friend's wedding invitation. They're the coolest couple, they wanted to be partying with their favorite characters (plus the usual dragons, dinos and pirates any couple wants for their wedding day - Click to enlarge:)

So though i wasn't able to make the scene as crowded as a "Where's Waldo" page, it was still a pretty "derivative" month of work.
And in September, Michael & Shahar's wedding was even more fun than the illustration :)

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