Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

My grandmother had a birthday this month, and I love her!

She's such an interesting person to talk to, and has amazing stories. She also has amazing family photos that were lucky enough to be preserved.
Last summer I had digital copies made of them all so a) they are backed up and wont disintegrate, and b) i could carry them with me wherever i go :)

These photos are very inspiring (so more familial posts from the 20's are sure to come soon!) -and scrolling through the other day, i stopped dead when noticing a part of one of them:

This is my grandma as a baby in the early 20s in Romania, held by her beautiful mother:

I love how relaxed the brand-new mom is, and though probably sleep-deprived, she's glowing :)

here is my version of this bit (not an exact copy, just a stylized rendition):

I love you grandma! and here's to many birthdays to come!

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