Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"All I say is, taluses is taluses"

So, it turns out a bit of my talus broke off from the bone itself.
My leg started hurting at the ankle whenever i walked, but i never thought a tiny bone crumb could spontaneously detach itself and take a hike on top of the bone (right under my tibia!)
So after an X-ray AND before an MRI scan (such a loud machine! they make it look so much simpler on Grey's Anatomy), I imagined this bone crumb setting out on its own, with a straw hat and a stick with one of them red handkerchiefs at its end. You know, gain independence, see the world, or at least what the tibia has to offer:

Do i smell a fourth-year film? no, it's probably just Osteoporosis.


  1. I just love you so friggin' much.

  2. Oh good grief, hahah. What does one do about migrating bone crumbs anyway?

  3. How are you so cute with your anthropomorphization of bone crumbs, this is unnatural!